Visiting the dentist – an education

While a visit to any doctor is never top on a person’s to-do list, visiting the dentist tends to leave people with a sour taste in their mouth.  Why we tend to avoid visits to the dentist is still somthing of a mystery, but the bigger mystery to me is why so many of us are reluctant, even afraid of going to the dentist.  You would think the dentists were waiting for us with an axe and chisel in hand, cackling wildly, and beckoning to us with a creepy, toothy grin.

Since, in my experience of dentists, that has yet to be the case, it’s important to realise that the professionals that enter this field constantly are updating their dental education.  With all the new medical technological advances, it would be difficult to continue practising any sort of clinic without updated training and equipment, which the vast majority of dentists rely on.  Continuing professional development for dentists is a matter of survival, and most treat their education and adaptability as a priority.

As dental patients are very likely to choose a modern facility with cutting edge technology and treatments, staying current in their dental education is equal parts business strategy and efficiency, along with the bonus of attracting new patients and keeping the patients the practice has served in the past.  In spite of the pervasive fear of going to the dentist, with all the help of medical technology, you have never been in better hands.

The old tried and true treatments that the average dentist has been handling over the years are now slowly giving way to cosmetic procedures from teeth whitening to more complex procedures like porcelain veneers, tooth shaping, and dental implants all in an effort to help patients achieve that perfect, mega-watt smile that stares back at them from towering billboards to the silver screen.  The quest for the perfect smile is still being followed relentlessly.

Despite our usual reservations, today’s dentists are well trained and educated professionals, so you know that you are in safe hands despite the natural fear of having any dental procedure performed on you.  The field of dental education expands on a regular basis and nearly all the dentists make a strong point of learning new techniques, expanding their list of available procedures, and keeping current not just with their own education, but encouraging their staff to do the same.  With that in mind, if you see a rusty pair of pliers and a dentist with half their teeth missing and a manic look in their eyes, leering at you while standing in front of a chair that looks like it was borrowed from a 1950s barber salon, you can rest assured that you are having a nightmare and not actually visiting the dentist.

Glasses for smaller faces

If you love to wear glasses but could not find any due to your small face size, there are now glasses for smaller faces available in the market today. You can even get geek glasses for smaller faces. Always take note that glasses and sunglasses are considered as an extremely versatile accessory. Any kind of glasses are the ideal item that cannot clash with your outfit, whatever you are wearing, making them a good accessory to any outfit that you are sporting.

On the other hand, you should take into consideration that not all people are built the same, especially when it comes to the shape of the face. This is the reason why the style of glasses and sunglasses may not inevitably appear suitable on every person. As a result, there are numerous forms and designs of glasses and sunglasses to select from.

If you are looking for glasses for smaller faces, there are a variety of petite glasses to choose from that are ideal for your shape size as well as following certain guidelines to get the best petite glasses for you. Always take note that those that have heart shaped petite faces, you should avoid wearing glasses that are too wide since it will give your chin a pointier appearance. It is best to opt for frames that are wider in the bottom area as well as being narrow. As for the temples of the glasses, it should be in a low set manner in order to draw attention to the bottom half of your face.

If you are one of those that have the square petite faces, you should wear the round framed glasses. Steer clear of glasses that are pointed in build since it will highlight your square chin. If you are one of those that have round petite faces, the angular frames will be the best choices. The frames should draw attention to the upper portion of your face. One that has a bridge on top of the frame will give the appearance of more length. As for the wayfarer style glasses, they are highly suitable for those that have oval petite faces.

By taking into consideration of your petite face shape, you can easily look for the ideal glasses for you. It can be those cheap glasses or even the designer ones, just make sure you made the right choice since those that have petite faces might have to take a while before finding the ideal glasses.

The latest energy saving wallcoatings

The smart way to reduce your home energy expenses!

You can cut carbon emissions in difficult to treat properties. The latest generation of exterior masonry paint, water-repellent and damp resisting coating systems.

The British Government has set a standard to cut carbon emissions by 80 percent before 2050. Achieving this will have to be met largely by lowering the carbon footprint of the residential housing stock in this country.

According to reports up to 85% of British existing housing stock will continue in use in the year 2050. So, even if we construct a new generation of environmentally efficient homes, measures will be required to lessen the carbon footprint of the existing housing stock.

Silicone Facade is the most technologically advanced masonry paint product that you can buy.

A new wallcoating that will cut your…
• Heating bills
• Green footprint
• Impact on the environment

It is well known that wet walls lose heat twice as quickly as walls that are dry. The damper the wall the the greater the energy that is necessary to maintain an ambient room temperature of 20°C.

Silicone Facade is a water repellent exterior masonry coating. It has the following properties:
• Self-cleaning
• Creates a dry building
• Prevents dampness
• Energy saving, Lowers heat escape
• Water repellent (“hydrophobic”) paint, that stops water permeation through brick walls
• Breathes
• Comes with a 15-20 year lifespan

When mineral building materials are xposed to water, the level of absorption depends on how porous they are. The consequence is damage in various forms, including:
• Water ingress via the wall
• Cracks resulting from to swelling and shrinkage
• Deterioration caused by frost and de-icing salts
• Salt damage or efflorescence caused by hydration and crystallisation
• Lime leaching
• Rust stains
• Dirt pick-up
• Attack by fungi, moss, lichen and algae
• Chemical erosion
• Reduction in the masonry’s heat insulation performance

Luckily such worries can be overcome with the use of Ecocoat Silicone Façade

Nano technology helps to make this wallcoating so thermally efficient.

SREP has been employed on many important buildings, even including the Kremlin in Moscow.

This exceptional product is made in Europe by ISOPaint Nordic.

We are the only suppliers in the United kingdom for Silicone Façade by ISOPaint. These astonishing products have revolutionised the old fashioned approach to saving energy, reducing damp, and protecting against weather related damage. Impressively, they manage this more cheaply than existing alternatives.

When thinking about methods to protect your brickwork against damp penetration, heat loss, and weather damage, make sure that you consider Silicone Facade masonry protection paint.

Arresting Glasses: The Story of Police Eyewear

The Great and Stylish Cuts of Modern Sunglasses by the Police Brand

The immediately recognizable and undeniably iconic Police eyewear brand traces its roots back to the 1980s when Police eye-wear was launched near Venice, Italy.   The timing for the birth of the Police sunglasses brand couldn’t have been more perfect, for it was in the early eighties when cool eyeglasses has officially transcended from mere afterthought to a must-have fashion accessory. Taking influence from popular culture in the United States, the new Italian brand took on the name of the widely popular Police officers in America, thus making its gritty and aggressive appeal undeniable.

The goal of the Police brand was bold and ambitious. Its aim was to re-affirm to the world the status of Italy as the bedrock of quality, innovation, and chic through their glasses.  Their lines and collections were refreshing and modern.  Police sunglasses had elements of ‘street’ and elegance encapsulated in one product even before ‘street-style’ was officially coined.   Police glasses soon achieved near cult fame when its signature blue lenses in the eighties gained widespread adoration from the fashion conscious set.   It brought a potent, heady and unstoppable mix of original, unique, bold, brash, and modern.  And it looked fantastic anywhere the wearer went, right out of the office and straight to the club.  The shrew and innovative decision of the brand to product place via a tie-in with Bruce Willis, an eighties pop-culture king, instantly made Police a household brand.  The eighties, with their colourful and pulsating fashion were a fantastic decade for the Police brand to be born in.  This was the decade of power dressing in the boardroom and a range of distinct fashion styles in popular culture and on the street.  Police eyewear fitted into both arenas.

Police sunglasses were designed primarily for young people in their twenties and thirties.  It was common to see individualistic beautiful young things sporting powerful Police sunglasses on their way to the office or the club. Pretty soon, its pieces became sought-after by people both younger and older than its original target market.

The nineties proved to be another strong decade for the Police brand. This was the time when the clean modern lines of Calvin Klein, Prada, and Giorgio Armani ruled the catwalks.  Police, with its insistence for modern and cool aesthetics fitted right in with the nineties’ preferential mood for modernity and daring angularity.  And to further re-affirm Police’s dominance in the market, the Italian brand soon chose to push successful Hollywood upstarts such as George Clooney.  Proving once again that Police, in spite of its illustrious birthplace, has its fingers right on the pulse of the street trends.  And Police has once again become an arbiter of cool street glasses that would fit right in the office or the streets.

Past the millennium and into the 2000s, Police gained even more widespread appeal with its high-powered tie-up with David Beckham, a pioneering iconic trailblazer crossing the divide of both fashion and sport.  With David Beckham’s partnership, the Police sunglasses sported wide, angular frames in modern design that is softened with touches of luxury like crystals on its logo. The bling element with its signature modern and angular shape has again proved to everyone that Police is unafraid to be unique, modern, and in-touch with street cred.  Over the last decade the Police brand has grown its eyewear product range from a focus on sunglasses to a very credible eye glasses range too.  The Police glasses range uses the design heritage and bold colour palette from the core sunglasses range and blends it with cutting edge, highly technical, avant-garde materials.  Police glasses frames are very much a part of the modern trend of eyeglasses being a fashion accessory rather than a medical device, with many high street and online optical stores reporting a good level of sales of non-prescription Police eyeglasses.

Bringing the Police glasses story right up to date; after six successful years of partnership with David Beckham, Police sought to re-conquer America with its marriage with another notable media superstar, Antonio Banderas. This time around, the Police seemed to have found its correct muse with Banderas. The Latino superstar, who could do a street-gang hero like no one else could in the movies, looked positively dangerous and elegant with the Italian designer sunglasses brand. Although a bit unexpected for the Police, who have previously chosen younger Hollywood and A-Listers who were right on the pulse of Hollywood’s hottest, no one seemed to complain.  On the other hand, fans of the signature cred and look of Antonio Banderas flocked to the stores to snap up their pairs of Police eyewear. The appeal of danger and luxury that Antonio could express best has been received warmly by fashion-conscious people.

Today, with the undeniable success of Police both on its home turf – in uber fashion conscious Italy, and around pretty much the rest of the globe, Police soon launched other noteworthy products that stays true to the modern but classic appeal of its brand.  Other products sold by Police today include apparel, watches, and perfumes.

The latest collection of Police glasses features a revisit into the eighties where Police came out with its widely recognized blue lenses.  If you’re a fan or a collector of noteworthy sunglasses, there is no better time to snap up your own Police glasses than now.  So go get some today.